Counselling offers a safe and supportive space if you are struggling to deal with issues that affect you at a deeply personal level. It can be such a relief to talk about these problems in absolute confidence and find new solutions. Counselling is often a very liberating experience, enabling people to free themselves of past and current emotional burdens.

The experience of infertility can be both distressing and disruptive with feelings ranging from despair, anger, anxiety and loneliness, to grief. The situation can also put a great strain on relationships, not only with a partner, wife or husband but with relatives and friends who may not fully understand what it is like to have fertility issues. It is hard to deal with other people announcing a pregnancy, having a baby or just seeing people enjoying family life. It is usually difficult to deal with the outcome of treatment if tests are negative or if the news is bad and understandable that anxiety about the future then increases.

Stress Management

Stress comes in many forms and can have a very negative impact on people’s lives, sometimes leading to illness, absence from work and strain on personal relationships. Our counsellor can work with you to identify your sources of stress and learn how to reduce the effect it is having on you. It is empowering and rewarding to discover that you can be so much more in control.

Our counsellor is a Senior Accredited Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association. She can help you to explore difficult feelings, enable you to reduce the impact that infertility is having on your life and talk through your options, helping you to prepare for treatment and provide support afterwards.


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Your counselling sessions will be confidential.